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Lietuvos ornitologų draugija ieško svetainės administratoriaus.


1. pageidautinas universitetinis aukštasis išsilavinimas;
2. puikūs darbo kompiuteriu įgūdžiai;
3. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP kalbų mokėjimas;
4. JAVA išmanymas būtų didelis privalumas;
5. mokėjimas konstruoti SQL užklausas;
6. geri darbo su turinio valdymo sistemomis įgūdžiai;
7. geri valstybinės lietuvių kalbos įgūdžiai;
8. pakankami anglų kalbos įgūdžiai.

Darbo pobūdis:

1. draugijos interneto svetainėje talpinamos informacijos, svetainės struktūros, turinio, technologinių priemonių administravimas (pagrindinė svetainė, draugijos forumas, žiemos metu - lesyklų stebėjimo sistema,, būsima visuomeninio monitoringo duomenų kaupimo sistema integruota į pagrindinę svetainę);

2. informacijos ir atskirų skyrių informacijos atnaujinimas ir techninė priežiūra;

3. techninės bazės (turinio valdymo sistemos) priežiūra ir tobulinimas;

4. svetainės teikiamų paslaugų plėtra;

5. svetainėje įdiegtų technologijų suderinamumo priežiūra ir savalaikis trikdžių šalinimas;

6. atsakymas į lankytojų užklausas dėl naudojimosi svetaine;

7. ryšių palaikymas ir bendradarbiavimas su draugijos sekretoriato darbuotojais ir susijusiais asmenimis, atnaujinant, tobulinant ir vystant svetainės strategiją ir joje esančią informaciją.

Susidomėjusius kviečiame skambinti tel. 8 684 06054 arba siųsti savo CV el. paštu:
Susidomėjusių lauksime iki vasario 14 d.

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Miestas: Kaunas
Gamla Nature Reserve:

Volunteers are needed for the nesting surveillance project.We invite you to participate in our efforts to save the endangered population of the Griffon Vulture in Israel. In order to sustain and conserve these vulnerable birds we will conduct nest surveillance and reproductive surveys at the Gamla Nature Reserve, which is located at the center of the Golan Heights in the north of Israel. The area is very calm and remote from the center of the country. In the canyons of this Reserve exists one of the last and biggest breeding colonies of the Griffon Vulture in Israel (and in the whole Middle East). Volunteers from all over the world participate in this project. They help us watch and document all behaviors (courtship, mating, incubating, hatching, feeding, fledging etc.) and track fledglings and juveniles, which will be ringed and/or fitted with radio transmitters.Accommodation andtransport are provided.
Pleasecontact: E-mail: Gamla Nature Reserve: or Yael Choresh: Tel: + 972-4-6822282 Fax: + 972-4-6822285

* The Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO)
Volunteers wanted for bird monitoring in the spring, and help with maintenance. Volunteers who would like to help with monitoring and ranger work in the Gazelle Valley would need a bit of
Hebrew. No accommodation etc. provided. Please contact: Amir Balaban at e-mail: Tel: + 972-52-448879 Fax: + 972-2-6541725

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Volunteers needed to help with seabird and cetacean fieldwork in South of Spain (Andalusia)
Dear all,
EBD-CSIC ( is seeking applications from 3 volunteers to help in the motorboat ELSA in the study of abundance and distribution of seabirds and cetaceans in the Gulf of Cadiz (Andalucía – Spain) from 23 January to 23 February 2012 (one month).
Seabirds and cetaceans of the marine system of Doñana (south of Spain) have been monitored since 2004. However, the information on the distribution and abundance of seabirds is limited to censuses along the coastline, and for cetaceans only the number of individuals found stranded on beaches has been recorded. The available data for seabirds suggests a high species diversity but with considerable temporal variability across the year. During some periods the area holds a high percentage of the global population of some species, for example the endangered Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauritanicus). While the Doñana marine environment also holds a rich community of cetaceans, there is no information on abundance, distribution and impact of human activities on these populations. Distribution of these marine predators is mainly influenced by food resource availability, but also by oceanographic characteristics that define habitat suitability. The aim
of this project is to determine the abundance and distribution, both spatial and temporal, of seabirds and cetaceans in the Gulf of Cadiz. Our approach is to examine abiotic and biotic environmental variables including activity and impact of local fisheries. Results from this project are of considerable interest from a scientific point of view, but also have an important application in the management of Doñana National Park. We will generate critical data for sound decision making, given current discussions as to the appropriate limits for the marine protected area. Our data will also allow for the prediction of the potential impact of anthropogenic alterations to the environment, such as oil spills, fisheries, wind-energy generation and harbour construction.
Volunteers should be available for the entire period of one month. You will be responsible for your transport to and from the main centre, but once here, we will provide accommodation at the research centre, transport to the different harbors and food expenses (communal shopping/cooking will be arranged).
The main port will be Chipiona and all the volunteers and research team will live in that city, although other ports (Barbate, Isla Cristina…) could be used during the surveys. We have planned to do lineal transect to cover the coastal area of the Gulf of Cadiz (12 nautical miles) with the motorboat ELSA (10 meters) with an observation point at 5 meters height to monitor seabirds, cetaceans and anthropogenic activities.
Volunteers should be prepared to long working days (some days more than 8 hours) under the sun, the wind and cold weather and to help with data entry and office duties during the bad weather days.
Successful applicants will:
- have previous experience in seabirds identification at sea (VERY IMPORTANT)
- have a mature attitude towards seabird and marine mammal research
- be autonomous and quickly operational
- be able to live and work constructively with others in a team
- be able to live in a small boat (10meters) for some days
- speak fluently Spanish and/or English
- be available for the entire one month period
Preference will be given to those who:
- have previous experience in seabirds identification at sea or land
Applicants should send an email introducing themselves to The email should include an outline of why you would like to work on this project, your
qualifications and previous experience. Please also attach a brief CV, detailing your previous experiences relevant to this project.
For those who are interested, there is an opportunity for arriving before and help all the team with the campaign preparation, please mention it in your email.
Applications will be accepted until 5th January 2012 and then your participation will be confirmed as soon as possible.
For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.
All the best,
Joan Giménez

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Miestas: Kaunas
Antikythira Bird Observatory,
run by the Hellenic Ornithological Society (the Greek partner of BirdLife) is
organizing a bird ringing campaign (supervised by the Hellenic Bird
Ringing Center)
and a raptor migration monitoring campaign. Both campaigns will take place from
March 25th up to May 25th on Antikythira Island.

We are searching for ringers and observers to join us as volunteers and help us carry out the monitoring activities.

Information about the accommodation, the volunteers¢ tasks, how to get there, and other
frequently asked questions can be found here: ... 81&aID=810

For further information please get in contact
with Christos Barboutis (

Information on species and numbers of birds
ringed during last year¢s ringing campaign can be found here: ABO¢s BirdRinging Newsletter

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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BRC Internship

The Batumi Raptor Count (BRC) seeks a motivated and passionate intern
to work with us on developing our conservation and monitoring
programmes in the Republic of Georgia. The intern will live near the
Black Sea city of Batumi, capital of the Ajara region of Georgia, From
April 16th to September/October 2012. The intern will be required to
act as the BRC's representative "on the ground" and also assist with
the organisation of monitoring, education and ecotourism work. This
is a unique opportunity to play a key part in a major conservation
activity and is also an excellent chance for the intern to get
experience of applied conservation work. BRC aims to keep the costs
to the volunteer low and will provide free accommodation, food, in-
country transport and cover the costs of travel to and from Georgia.

As well as organising our activities volunteers will also get the
chance to participate in the 2012 autumn migration count where >80,000
raptors can be seen in a day!

For more information, including how to apply, please see our website:

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Dear WPbirders,

who's interested in spending the lautumn for at least 2 weeks at the
Caucasus in Georgia witnessing the incredible bottleneck migration of
thousands birds of prey?

In autumn 2011 a lot of raptors passed the bottleneck at the Black Sea
coast. Counting from 2 stations we saw about:
450.000 Honey-buzzard
75.000 Black Kite
6.000 Booted Eagle
5500 Lesser Spotted Eagle
350 Pallid Harriers
200 Greater Spotted Eagle
40 Egyptian Vulture
30 Imperial Eagle
8 Crested Honey-buzzard

and a lot of bee-eaters as well storks, egrets, roller ...

For more details on raptor migration read: ... _Ardea.pdf

There's also another interesting birding spot close to Batumi consisting
of a river delta and its surroundings with bushes and ponds. There you
can watch several migratory passerines, Egrets, Waders and more. Many
Gulls can be seen there and on the close by rubbish dump.

Watch out for more information on our website.

We offer three opportunities to participate in our project:
1) Help us during the count as a COUNTER.
In return for a small daily incentive (6-8 eur) you can join for at
least 2 weeks in our counts (2 off-days) and we provide you with
accomodation, local transportation and food. We expect some basic
English skills to communicate between the coordinators and the counters. ... count-2012

2) Support us as a ECO-TOURIST

3) Attend our Batumi Bird FESTIVAL, and celebrate 5 years of BRC with
us! The event is organised during the most varied migration period, from
20th until 23rd of september. We provide daily excursions to all birding
hotspots, cultural tours, lectures, banket and traditional music.

All further information can be found on our website.

Best regards
BRC Team

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Miestas: Kaunas
Hi birders,

this spring as all springs since 2004 I 'll be monitoring raptors and birds migration on the magic fascinating island on PANTELELRIA, Sicilian Channel, right in front of Tunisia on behalf of LIPU UK and LIPU Birdlife .
On the first week of the project though, I'll be guiding the usual spring LIMOSA trip in Sicily with my friend Brian J Small. For that reason, I need somebody who could do the counting of birds at Pantelleria for a wekk before I go there.
WHo could be interested the period will be 20-26 april 2012. The house will be free (it is a simply outstanding magic house in the countryside), also the expensise for 10euros per day will be re-found. OF course you'll need to reach by airflight the island and rent a car there.

If you are interested seriously please contact me

All the best

Andrea Corso

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Užsiregistravo: 2004-05-30 20:24 (Sek)
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Miestas: Kaunas
INVITE: The 5th Great Himalayan Bird Count, Winter of 2012 in Garhwal Himalayas, India

Dear Birdwatchers & Nature Enthusiasts

Greetings from the Land of Gods once again !

Once again bringing you the good news of our avian conservation initiative now in its fifth year, creating yet another wonderful opportunity for you all to contribute by your participation in this, a truly international bird conservation activity in Uttarakhand Himalayas. Please go through the details and respond ASAP. The Participation is purely on first come first serve basis, so please hurry to avoid disappointment later.

Friends, after the great grand success of our previous "GREAT HIMALAYAN BIRD COUNTS - from 2008 to 2011" where till date more than 1400 birdwatchers, rural students & conservationists participated from across the country including overseas, we now gladly announce the dates for our 5th truly international conservation initiative focusing our feathered friends and a dedicated program with socio-economic as well as environmental objectives!

"The 5th Great Himalayan Bird Count, Winter of 2012" which is planned on 57 most popular trekking trails situated in the river-valleys of Tons; Yamuna; Pabbar; Kamal Nadi; Aglar; Bhagirithi; Bhilingna; Ganga; Mandakini and Alaknanda in Garhwal Himalayas including Asan & Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserves in Dehradun & Haridwar districts respectively. Landscape covers diverse bird-habitats from wetlands to alpine meadows in Uttarakhand Himalayas.

The proposed dates for the Bird Count are: 27th to 30th of October, 2012

The bird count will start and finish at Dehradun

We propose 21 Groups undertaking 57 different treks of +/- 10 kms each between 27th and 30th October 2012 (Each Group size will be a maximum of 5/7 birders plus 2/3 urban school/college students) plus local village youths, forest-line staff and govt. school students from nearby villages might also join the trails at the respective count destination itself.

We are involving & encouraging students' participation; because we at ARCH strongly feel that young minds should start thinking of Conservation involvement as an academic and career pursuit instead of just another creative past-time.

This event will be organized with the support of Forest Department, Govt. of Uttarakhand.

There will be an Orientation and Debriefing Workshop at Dehradun on the 27th and 30th of October 2012 respectively.

The 27th and 30th are also the dates for to-&-fro journey to/from the respective count destinations.

Most of the groups will be undertaking minimum two trails during the Count but one or two groups will be undertaking 3-4 trails in the Count.

It's a baseline data generation & conservation awareness activity involving young minds.

Participants will also enjoy an amazing Bird Photo and Bird Books Exhibition on the 27th October at the Orientation Workshop Venue at Dehradun.
Some count groups will accommodate local youths from the count area and will provide required orientation & motivation to take-up bird watching as a revenue generation skill by becoming future birding guides in their local area.

Some groups are also encouraged to conduct small workshop type interactions with the local village elders to generate a list of vernacular names of the bird species found in different river valleys. They are also expected to document any references occurring in oral folk.

This is a purely non-commercial activity, so we expect the participants to share the cost of lodging, boarding & travel expenses during the count. The participation contribution for four days of dedicated jeep travel, boarding and lodging would now come to Rs 4,500/- only.

Each participant will get a complimentary participation kit consisting of an event embossed all weather Knap-Sack, T-Shirt, Cap, Car/Bike Stickers, String Pen, Participation Certificate, collectors bird merchandize and a Table Momento plus a hard copy of the published report of our 3rd & 4th Great Himalayan Bird Count 2010-11.

Your participation will also ensure that your name will also appear in our hard copy published report of 5th Great Himalayan Bird Count – 2012.

During the count modest but comfortable lodging & boarding on sharing basis will be arranged at the FRH, PWD Inspection Bungalows, Tents and even village accommodation at some of the trails during the count.

Friends, as most of the trails require some endurance and trekking skills but we also have some very comfortable bird count transacts for our elderly birdwatchers.

Friends now you know the dates, so plan your schedules accordingly and kindly let us know of your intention (with your trekking & birding experience of Himalayan bird species) to participate in this wonderful Himalayan birding and trekking opportunity at the earliest.

Kindly Note: Participants who fail to register before the 10th of May 2011 will have to pay an additional Late Fee of Rs 1,000/- for ensuring their participation in the bird count and 20 + 10 seats are reserved for Sponsored category and overseas participants respectively.

Friends the participation is strictly on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS and we can only accommodate maximum of 170 birders/participants only, so you'll have to hurry.

Kindly take an early booking initiative to avoid any disappointments later by sending in your Registration Application along with a Demand Draft for Rs 4,500/- per person now or

Participation Seats Details:

Total Seats: 170 Numbers
For Indian Nationals: 140 Numbers
For Overseas Participants: 10 Numbers
Sponsored Participation Quota: 20 Numbers

Pl. Note: Sponsored Quota is applicable to the last remaining 20 seats and from this, along with your participation, we'll sponsor participation of 20 bright rural students from Garhwal, so that they can be motivated & sensitized to become future local area birding guides of their village area.

Participation Fee Details:

For Indian Nationals: (Now) Rs 4,500.00
For Overseas Participants: US$ 250.00 (Payable in Indian Rupees)
Late Fee: Rs 1,000.00 Extra
Sponsored Participation Quota: Rs 7,500.00 (for last 20 participation berths)

Advance Booking for 6th GHBC 2013: Rs 1,500.00 or US$ 50.00 as Donation to ARCH
Advance Booking for 7th GHBC 2014: Rs 1,500.00 or US$ 50.00 as Donation to ARCH

Kindly take an early booking initiative to avoid any disappointments later by sending in your Participation Form duly filled along with a Demand Draft for Rs 4,500/- (Overseas Participants: US$ 250.00 Equivalent payable in Indian Rupees) now, at the address mentioned below or you can also make an electronic money transfer directly by depositing Rs 4,500/- on any branch of Indian Bank in your town/city favoring "ACTION & RESEARCH FOR CONSERVATION IN HIMALAYAS, DEHRADUN" in our bank account. Here are the Bank`s details if you wish to submit your participation fee through net-banking.

Bank: Indian Bank, Branch: Astley Hall, Dehradun
Current A/c No. 794568161
IFSC Code: IDIB000D024
MICR Code: 248019002

Address for Courier: Prateek Panwar (Founder Trustee ARCH)
Villa # 36, Rajpur Road Enclave, Dhoran Khas (Near IT Park),
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001 INDIA
Tel No: +91-9412054216

Pl. Note: As an equal opportunity policy at ARCH we adhere to FIRST COME FIRST SERVE principle.

So kindly send in your participation form/Advance booking a.s.a.p. to avoid disappointment later.

Each Group size is restricted to 7-9 birders only, so please hurry... and call us at +91-9412054216

On hearing from you we'll furnish you the Count Trails and Registration Details at the outset.

Garhwal is a divine place to visit for a truly amazing himalayan birding (it would be mostly Lifers for many of you) & a memorable Himalayan outdoors roughing-it-out experience.

I also request you to kindly forward it to all your birding friends with your strong words of recommendation for this Himalayan outdoors experience.

"Happy Birding and May you have many rare sightings and new records"

Thanking you

Yours in Bird Conservation always,

Prateek Panwar
Founder Trustee
Prateek Panwar (Founder Trustee ARCH)
Hon State Coordinator, IBCN/BNHS, Uttarakhand
Villa # 36, Rajpur Road Enclave, Dhoran Khas (Near IT Park),
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001 INDIA

Tel# 9412054216

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The Israel Ornithological

Staff needed for our annual Northern Valleys Raptor Count.

This extraordinary study has been taking place since 1977. We monitor raptor
migration with the support of the IAF. We are looking for experienced raptor
watchers, with proven skills in relevant raptor ID and counting skills. The
count takes place between August 25 to October 15. Our averages for this period
include about 500,000 Honey Buzzards, 90,000 Lesser Spotted Eagle, 60,000
Levant Sparrowhawk, and many more species in big numbers. If you feel that
you’re up to this challenge, please contact Yoav Perlman:

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