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Autorius:  das [ 2005-11-02 14:38 (Tre) ]
Pranešimo tema:  Darbo ir darbuotojų paieška

Birdlife International har utlyst ett jobb i Bryssel som Head of European Division. / Didrik Vanhoenacker

Head of European Division, based in Brussels
Salary: Circa Euro 5,000 per month gross

BirdLife International is a global Partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. BirdLife Partners operate in over one hundred countries and territories worldwide. Together, the BirdLife Partnership forms the leading authority on the status of birds, their habitats and the issues and problems affecting bird life. BirdLife Partners collaborate on regional work programmes in almost every continent.
BirdLife International Secretariat is the coordinating and servicing body of BirdLife International. BirdLife International is seeking to fill a vacancy for the Head of its European Division based in Brussels, Belgium. This post will lead and coordinate the Secretariat’s European Division (12 permanent staff split in two offices in Brussels and Wageningen –Netherlands) in supporting the regional network of forty two conservation organizations to deliver the agreed regional BirdLife programme. This post will appeal to a motivated, enthusiastic individual with considerable conservation, management, networking and fundraising success. Reporting to the Director of Network and Programme, you will work closely with the Management Team and Senior Staff from other regional Divisions and the headquarters in Cambridge (UK). Considerable international travel within Europe will be necessary. Applications are welcomed from suitably qualified applicants. The closing date for applications is the 21st November 2005. Candidates will be short listed based on their CV and possibly also via a brief telephone interview. Successful candidates will be asked to attend a face to face interview during the first half of December.

Further details about BirdLife International together with the job description can be found at
To apply, please send covering letter and CV to: or Rosina Abudulai, BirdLife International, Wellbrook Court, Girton Road, Cambridge CB3 0NA, U.K. Fax: +44 1223 277200.

Autorius:  vycka [ 2005-11-27 23:01 (Sek) ]
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Aš pats planavau ko nors panašaus čia pasiteirauti (del darbo kokio ar veiklos). Šiap, gal būtų galima nors kiek lietuviškai apie tai, ką čia rašei?.. Su mielu noru kuom nors užsiimčiau.

Autorius:  das [ 2005-11-28 12:04 (Pir) ]
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atleisk Vycka :wink: , bet visi tie darbeliai, kuriuos as cia talpinu, yra uzsienyje ir viena pagrindiniu salygu juose buna anglu kalbos zinojimas :wink: Todel taupant savo laika, nemanau, kad yra tikslinga versti. Ir dar sie darbai skelbiami daugelyje saliu, taigi konkurencija tikrai yra nemaza :cry: , bet bandyti visuomet galima.

Autorius:  Andrius [ 2005-12-14 16:42 (Tre) ]
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Del idmumo pavyzdys is situacijos su gamtosauginiais darbais Prancuzijoje. Organizacijoje(vieno Prancuzijos regiono ornitologu draugijoj),kurioj darbuojuos, buvo konkursas i viena posta,tai buvo beveik 300 kandidatu ir galiu pasakyti,kad postas visiskai niekuo neipatingas ir netgi nuobodokas buvo.

Autorius:  das [ 2006-02-02 12:51 (Ket) ]
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Jei kas norit pasivazineti i Costa Rica :)

1) Internships Available for Bird Monitoring in Costa Rica

We have openings for Bird Banding Interns at a bird monitoring
station in the coastal Caribbean town of Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
Positions begin mid-February and run through the end of May and again
from the beginning of August until the end of December. The minimum
length of stay is usually 2 months. Participants are expected to
have experience in identifying birds, and they usually have removed
from mist nets and processed at least 200 landbirds. The Primary
Bander will have extensive experience operating a capture station and
can be awarded up to half their airfare to and from San José, Costa
Rica. All volunteers receive their room and board while they are
staying at the well-appointed station of the Caribbean Conservation
Corporation, Estacion Biologica, in Tortuguero. We and our
collaborators in Costa Rica have been operating five monitoring
stations near the village for over nine years. We operate mist nets
for resident and migrant species and conduct migration censuses of
the millions of diurnal migrants moving along the coast. Positions
will be open until filled. Please send a resume highlighting your
bird banding experience, ability with Spanish, dates available, three
references and any questions to Dr. C. John Ralph (
or, 707 825-2992 (fax 707 825-2901), or at U.S.
Forest Service, Redwood Sciences Laboratory, 1700 Bayview Drive,
Arcata, California 95521.

2) 2006 Green Turtle Program at Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Research Assistant

Project description: Conservation and monitoring of endangered green
Organization: Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC)
Location: CCC Field Station, Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Dates: June 12-November 30, 2006
Application deadline: March 1, 2006

Project summary:

Research and monitoring of sea turtles in Tortuguero, Costa Rica was
initiated in the 1950´s by legendary sea turtle researcher Dr. Archie
Carr. Dr. Carr continued his work in Tortuguero until his passing
away in 1987 and the CCC still continues the green turtle program
making it the longest ongoing sea turtle conservation and monitoring
program in the world. CCC works closely with Costa Rican authorities
and the Tortuguero community. Information collected during the annual
green turtle program play a key role in developing adequate
management for sea turtles in the area.

CCC Alumni RAs have gone on to work for conservation organizations,
universities and government agencies worldwide.

Work description:

Eight research assistants (RAs) will be trained in sea turtle
monitoring techniques by and work under the supervision of the CCC
Field Coordinator. The RA team will be made up of individuals from
several countries from different continents. The RAs main
responsibilities include nightly tagging, nest monitoring and
excavation. RAs lead nightly tagging teams of short-term paying
volunteers and ensure that data are collected in accordance with the
monitoring protocol. RAs are responsible for attaching tags to
nesting turtles, measuring nesting turtles, recording tag numbers,
recording nesting activity during track surveys, and other pertinent
data collection.

Green turtle monitoring is carried out along 8 km (=5 miles) of
nesting beach. Work activities include long hours of walking in
extremely soft sand and excellent physical condition is a requirement
for the RA positions. In addition to monitoring work, RAs should be
prepared for other work activities such as helping, orienting and
training new volunteers.

Please note that the RA positions are voluntary and that selected RAs
are expected to plan and finance their own travel to and from
Tortuguero. The RAs will receive board and lodging at the CCC
Tortuguero Field Station for the duration of their stay in

Good knowledge of English and Spanish, education in biology or
related fields, previous field work experience from the tropics,
experience of multicultural environments and availability for the
entire period of the program greatly improve your chances of being
selected for a position.

2006 Green Turtle Program at Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Research Assistant









(The program runs 12 June to 30 November 2006)

To apply, please fill out this form (or a copy) and send together

*A cover letter explaining why you are interested in a research
assistant position, relevant experience and a Spanish proficiency

*A CV and other pertinent information

*Names, addresses (e-mail) and phone numbers of three professional


Research Assistant Program
Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Apdo. Postal 246-2050
San Pedro
Fax: (506) 297-5510

This information should be at our office at the latest on March 1,
2006. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within four weeks of
the application deadline. Please do not phone to inquire about the
status of your application

Applicants that do not supply all requested materials will not be

Autorius:  Vytautas JUSYS [ 2006-04-14 06:44 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Gal kas susidomės.

Dear birder and EBN-member,

Are you (or do you know someone) interested in working at Kvismare Bird Observatory? We need personnel from April until the end of September 2006. Work during spring mainly consists of making inventories of different species, such as wetland species, Marsh Harrier, and Penduline Tit. Between the end of June and the end of September ringing is carried out at three different sites (reed beds and shrub lands). Mostly we catch breeding and migrating passerines.

The bird observatory is situated at 59.14 N / 15.24 E near Örebro, about 200 kilometres west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. You live in a house located a couple of hundred metres from one of the lakes. Kvismaren is a classical Swedish area for birding, a nature reserve with lakes, reed beds and agricultural landscape. 276 bird species have been observed in the area. For ringing or making inventories you make SEK 650–850/week. The wages depend on how long you stay. As the observatory's warden/local manager you make SEK 750–950/week. As a ringer's assistant you make SEK 450/week. (1 Euro equals 9.338 SEK today 13 April.)

The trip fare is paid on your own expense, while the accommodation is free. Normally we cook together and the food then costs about SEK 40/day. It is required that you speak English in order to work at Kvismare Bird Observatory.

Does this interest you? Please contact the staff manager (preferably by e-mail, see address below, do NOT click “reply”) a.s.a.p. You can find some more information about Kvismare Bird Observatory on our website

Patrik Rhönnstad, staff manager
Borgviksvägen 3
SE-736 32 Kungsör
Phone: +46 (0)227 135 55

Best regards,

Martin Stervander

Ringing manager, Kvismare Bird Observatory

Autorius:  das [ 2006-04-14 07:20 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

vel musu konkurentu skelbimus viesini :evil: :lol: :wink:

Autorius:  Vytautas JUSYS [ 2006-04-14 08:06 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

O tai pas jus žieduotojai konkuruoja? :lol:
Pas mus (Lietuvoje) tai darbo (aišku nemokamo) užtektinai - kad tik būtų tų žieduotojų.
Kiek žinau anksčiau žieduotojai mėgėjai konkuruodavo dėl kirų kolonijų. Dabar nei tų žieduotojų nei kirų beveik nebeliko. :lol:
Nemanau kad už tokius skatikus kas iš Lietuvos ten dirbtų. :wink:

Autorius:  das [ 2006-04-14 15:39 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Jei rimtai, tai kone visos ziedavimo stotys(gal tik isskyrus 2 didziasias) kasmet turi tam tikru problemu :cry: . Pvz praeitais metais, stoti uzdareme 1 savaite anksciau, nes neatsirado norinciu, o savaite pries tai buvo tik vienas zmogus, ir paskutines 4 dienas jis nis vis neziedavo, vien tik del patirto streso, jau antradieni, kai prisikele per daug tinklu ir nebesugebejo ju uzdaryti, net uodeguotosios zyles lindo be perstojo.

Autorius:  kristina13 [ 2006-04-14 16:50 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

As kaip tik galvoju vasara kur nors vaziuoti kaip savanoriai i pagalba pauksciu zieduoti.
Tik kazi ar vasara kur rasiu, daugiausia turbut rudeni ir pavasari :(

Autorius:  das [ 2006-04-14 22:35 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Pas mus nuo rugpjucio 1. Taigi vienas vasaros menuo :wink:

Autorius:  Andrius [ 2006-04-17 23:55 (Pir) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Beje, tas projektas,kuriame dalyvavau siais metasi, vyks toliau ir kitamet ir man isvaziuojant is prancuzijos vadovai netgi prase paieskot ir parekomenduod kokiu motyvuotu zomiu. Taigi jei jum maziau nei 25 metai :lol: (deja tai tiesa) ir domina tokia galimybe, tai kreipkites, viska paaiskinsiu. Zinoma idealu butu turent bent minimalus prancuzu kalbos pagringus, bet tai nera privaloma.

Autorius:  vygantas [ 2006-06-16 09:59 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Kolegos, turėsit vienu miškininku mažiau, bet vienu aplinkosaugiečiu daugiau - nuo kito penktadienio išeinu dirbti į Dubysos regioninį parką - būsiu direktorius :D . Va taip va

Autorius:  Vidmantas Blažys [ 2006-06-16 10:15 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Sveikinu :!: :D

Autorius:  tomas [ 2006-06-16 11:25 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

O, sveikinam :!: :!: :!: Lauk sveciu ateity :D :wink:

Autorius:  Remigijus [ 2006-06-16 12:32 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Sveikinu. Tikiuosi nepaskesi popieriuose ir atrasi laiko pasipaukštinėti.

Autorius:  paukstelis [ 2006-06-16 16:05 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Sveikinu :!: :!: :D

Autorius:  Myletojas [ 2006-06-16 20:40 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

Sveikinu! Turėsime savo tarpe ne tik gamtosaugininką, bet galbūt ir bosą-darbdavį, - atėjus sunkiai minutei darbo biržos suolo tikiuosi ilgai netrinti :roll:

Autorius:  elmaras [ 2006-06-16 21:01 (Pen) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

:D sveikinu , žiūrėk kad popieriai proto nesusuktu :wink: , jų bus daugiau negu paukščių :lol:

Autorius:  marius.k [ 2006-06-17 10:38 (Šeš) ]
Pranešimo tema: 

sweikinu. sekmes darbe. :) :lol:

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