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Paukščių stebėjimo varžybos "Trumpiausia metų diena"
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Autorius:  Armandas N. [ 2015-12-19 15:01 (Šeš) ]
Pranešimo tema:  Paukščių stebėjimo varžybos "Trumpiausia metų diena"

Kolegos iš Latvijos kviečia į kasmetines paukščių stebėjimo varžybas. Į taisykles šiemet įtraukta visa Lietuvos teritorija.
Taisyklės tos pačios, kaip ir pernai:
Tačiau prizinių vietų daugiau nei buvo, plačiau čia latviškai (kas naudojatės čia yra programėlės stebėjimų suvedimui iOS ir Android operacinėms sistemoms): ... as-dienas/
Excel failas kurį užpildžius reikia išsiųsti čia:
Kopija angliško varžybų aprašymo iš facebook:
Challenge the the scare sunlight time with excellent birding in the darkest period of the year! You are invited to take part in birding contest “The Shortest Day of the Year 2015”.

Seasonal changes in the outdoor landscape are in relentless sequential circuit. Astronomic winter this year starts on 22nd December at 6:48 am. The winter solstice time is famous with short daylight hours reaching 6h and 43 minutes in Latvia, even 20 minutes less in Estonia.

December 20, 21 or 22 are the days of the contest. (Sunrise at 9:00, Sunset – 15:43 in Latvia on average). However civil twilight gives additional opportunity for bird-watching of about 1,5 hours longer.

Rules of the Birding Challenge
• Territory of the contest is free chosen in the frame of Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania. Crossborder lists are allowed.
• There are three days available for birding (20, 21, 22 of December), for the comparison the longest species list from one day is taken, not total of two or three.
• There are no any mobility restrictions – recommended to spent more time outdoors then in the car.
• Ethical rules of birding should be respected not to disturb birds vainly
• Natural whistling is allowed but playback records to attract the birds are restricted.
• All participants take part automatically in the contest registering observation data in or
• Another option to report the data are to use excel fail template and send it by e-mail indicated on the list header.
• Alone or team could participate
• In case of team it should be compactly together and all the members should observe the same species to count it in the list. Exception is family members or accompanying persons without larger birding experience.
• Winner with the longest list within a day of the observed species will be awarded with book Bird Sense: What it's Like to be a Bird.
• In case of equal number of species in the list the winner is decided by shortest time between first and last entry in the list.
• There are three other nominations:
o Best photographer (largest list of pictures in identification quality)
o Interior expert – with the longest observation list at least 5 km away from coastline.
o Biggest rarity
• All of the winners in these categories will be awarded with wall-calender from Latvian Fund for Nature.
• Lists should be sent no later than 22:00 on 23.Dec.
• Results will be published on the next day

Autorius:  Edmundas4 [ 2015-12-19 20:33 (Šeš) ]
Pranešimo tema:  Re: Paukščių stebėjimo varžybos "Trumpiausia metų diena"

Gal galima butu lietuviskai.

Autorius:  Armandas N. [ 2015-12-19 21:37 (Šeš) ]
Pranešimo tema:  Re: Paukščių stebėjimo varžybos "Trumpiausia metų diena"

Jei dėl taisyklių- lietuviškai yra nuoroda į birdlife puslapį (pirma nuoroda). Jei pasakytumėt kas konkrečiai neaišku, bandysiu padėt.

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